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Services and Prices

Approximate Pricing 2024

Bronze Service: 150€ flat fee

This is a purely consultancy service with up to 45 min. of our expertise, over the phone or zoom call, to help you best make your itinerary choices with your potential Spain/Southern Europe trip. In 45 min, you will save a great deal of time researching, over-paying or making mistakes along the way, in making your own travel plans.

Silver Service: 150€/travel day*

This includes full itinerary set up of our most visited cities in Spain and Portugal, as well as set up of local guides, when desired for short city tours, restaurant reservations, cultural events, domestic travel and on-call travel services while on your mostly self-guided trip. 

7-day trip min./1000€ min. 

All services will be through us and you can see an approximate service price list below.

*Price for small groups up to 10. Add 10€/travel day/person of 10+.

Gold Service: 900€/travel day*

This includes our full itinerary set, as with the silver service, but you will have a private expert guide with you all day during your trip, acting as your travel companion, coordinator, travel and shopping advisor, historical and cultural connection and will become your close friend throughout your time together. 5 day min. Itinerary requirement. All further services will be booked through us and you can see prices below.

Price for small groups up to 10. Add 20€/person/travel day for 10+.

General Service Pricing Throughout Spain and Portugal

Private Cars: 150€/transfer. If Car and driver are used all day: approx. 500€, but if car is used and guide is driver (only for 2-4 passenger options), price will be between 100-300€/day.

Minibuses-Private Coaches with bus driver (for 8+ pax): 

Half-day: 400-600€

Full-Day: 750€-900€/touring day, less if in city full day

Trains: 25-75€/passenger depending on route

Domestic Flights: 50-200€/flight

Taxis: 10-50€/local transfer between hotels, stations, airports

Hotels: 150€-200/person in 4-5 star centrally located hotels/night, including breakfasts*

*With small groups, we generally recommend you a lodging of hotels, touristic apartments or the like but you will be making your own choices and booking directly.

Meals: 50-100€/day/person

You can also eat very budget in Spain, but this is an average of what our clients spend between lunch and dinner and some days, you may prefer a Michelin star, but most days you will want more local food. For small groups, we generally make the reservations, but you will pay on the day to the restaurant directly so you needn’t have to pre-order and pre-choose all your meals.

Local Expert Guides: 

2-Hour Walking Tours: 250-350€

Half Day: 400-500€ (may include transport)

Full Day: 500-700€ (may include transport)

*(Required in some sites, along with your travel guide, such as the Alhambra, Mezquita, Sagrada Familia and Park Güell)


Free to 30€ is the average

Wine Tastings:

2-3€/glass to 75€/person tastings

Dance Performances: