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Private Spain Tours is a locally-owned, family-run small business, started by Sarah-Kate Redding, an American – born dual citizen of the United States and Spain. Kate has a passion for traveling that she developed at a young age, as she split her childhood between coastal Maine and the Dominican Republic. She grew up bilingually in an international ex-pat community in the D.R., and she knew from a young age that she wanted to become a European national.

Kate attended the prestigious Bates College in Maine, where she participated in several programs abroad in a variety of countries. She graduated in 1999, caught the first flight to Europe, and has been living and working in Spain ever since. She started guiding in Barcelona in 2005 and has led tours for high-end tour companies all over Spain, France, and Portugal. Since then, Kate leads tours in countless cities, towns, and villages across southern Europe, discovering untold histories and true hidden gems.

Kate and Private Spain Tours specialize in completely customized, private small group tours from mature couples to extended family road trips of all ages throughout Spain and mainly southern Europe, although has partners all over Europe in her guiding network. Private Spain Tours aims to offer the best guides with native or near-perfect language and communication skills in the chosen language through historical city tours, wine tours and gourmet food tours, off-the-beaten-path destinations, and one-of-a-kind tours for families in Spain and the surrounding areas. Kate offers the option for guests to be fully independent, meeting their local expert in each destination and taking trains to and from each city or to be accompanied by a guide in a private vehicle throughout your trip. For all of her tours, Kate provides her clients with everything they need, from touch down to take off.

Kate settled in her husband’s hometown of Valencia in 2007 with the birth of their first child and became an official, certified Spanish guide, with EU eligibility to guide anywhere in Europe. She subsequently started Valencia Private Tours, a successful private tour company based in Valencia and still leads 75% of the guided tours in and around Valencia, whilst continuing to organize and set up tours in other parts of Spain and Europe with her team and will still lead private group and family tours all over Spain, Portugal, and France several times a year. When it launched in 2012, Valencia Private Tours was the first private tour website of its kind, dedicated solely to Valencia and the surrounding areas for small private tours. The growth of the company has allowed her to bring in other guides to provide more tours in different languages and to expand to planning and leading tours all over Spain and southern Europe.

With growth, Private Spain Tours and Valencia Private Tours have facilitated many corporate and events-based projects and large tours all over Spain for several international companies and organizations. She also partners with agencies all over the world to bring more events to the under-discovered Valencia area with her company, Sol Events, always encouraging a cultural and historical tour, whether people come to give concerts or shows, for conferences or corporate trainings.

Even with three growing children, Kate still leads the majority of her tours. The guides that she does use are hand-selected for each tour. All of Kate’s guides are vetted, personal colleagues with exceptional communication skills and a passion for travel, history, language and meeting people from all over the world.

Private Spain Tours provides full-service, private tours across Spain, France, and Portugal to individuals, corporations, and travel agencies. It also provides full travel consultancy, and has a wide network of Spanish guides and knowledge of insider tours. For an estimated quote, please send us an email.

See you in Spain!